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The team of engineers composed of Marc Davies; the Project Manager from SCATEC and Odd G. Lindal; Consultant at SCATEC together with the Ruzizi III Energy Limited (REL) team visited the Ruzizi III Hydropower Project area located between the Democratic Republic of Congo; South Kivu Province, Groupement de Kamanyola and Karhongo and Rwanda, Rusizi District from 2nd to 4th April 2022. The team visited the Ruzizi III Hydropower Project area to fully understand its physical and geographical layout that will allow them to develop documents conceptualizing technical facts, detailed schedules, and cost estimates for the project leading to the full EPC (Engineer, procure, construct) process.

Visited were different parts of the Project Area including the Reservoir and Dam sites, the headrace tunnel, hydropower facilities, campsite, and switchyard among other parts. After touring the project area, Marc Davies; the Project Manager at SCATEC reiterated that there is tangible progress in terms of the project’s technical activities. The fact that REL is looking forward to launching the EPC building process, he said, only proves that the tender for design is in a very mature state of progress.

“After this visit, as a team, we are getting back to the debriefing sessions where we will look at different details of making this phase a success. We will look at preliminary designs, look at a typical construction or Constructability approach, look at resources; materials, equipment, manpower, availability of skills, looking at logistics in three countries (Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda), the nearest imports vs exports among other items. There are many details to be connected to make sure everything is effective towards this EPC phase,” said Marc Davis.

Marc Davis also added that for the Ruzizi III Hydropower Project to be a success everyone involved has to be committed and deliver on set forth key objectives. “We must plan the work and work the plan. Through good disciplined and motivated management, we set forth the key objectives and the plan for the project. We bring in enough skilled, experienced, and competent personnel into the team, we set forth our objectives, we make clear targets, and properly follow up, that will bring in success,” highlighted Marc Davies.

The Ruzizi III Hydropower Project is owned by SCATEC; a leading renewable power producer, delivering affordable and clean energy worldwide, and Industrial Promotion Services (IPS); the infrastructure and industrial development arm of Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) owning 70% in the project, and 30% owned by the three states (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda).